Let Me Help You Grow Your Fintech Business

How would you put to use a techie with experience in the financial services industry who's skilled in crafting content that retains customers' attention and drives sales? While you focus on your fintech business, let me help you by delivering high-quality solutions on time with prompt communication.


Get customers to your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically over the years. Search engines are getting smarter and thus harder to "trick." They want to rank sites that provide high-quality content with excellent UX and good reputation for specific keywords. There are certainly technical aspects to SEO, but focus on these qualities and your business will boom. It's as simple as that.

Blog Writing

Keep customers on your website.

The information age has proven that content is king. By delivering high-quality, engaging content on a regular basis that your customers want, you increase your chances of keeping their attention and selling them your solutions. Have your blog posts and other written content speak directly to your customers with a persona and voice that matches your brand to a T.


Get customers to buy your product or service.

The only way to convert leads into customers is through effictive copy. Walking your future customers through a story that builds respect, rapport, and trust while getting them to feel the benefits of your solution is a winning sales recipe. Whether through blog posts, site copy, emails, or anywhere else, take your customers through a journey that'll provide them immense value and produce sales.

Client Testimonials

"I really like working with Grant - high quality articles delivered in a timely manner, SEO optimization in place, our feedback always taken into consideration, and very easy and pleasant to work with!"

Nina Smolnikova

Nina SmolnikovaMarketing Manager - DTransfer

"We needed well researched and detailed writing on some fairly complex topics, mainly around start up financing and new alternatives emerging in the space. I was worried we were failing behind on the opportunity to be early to publish pieces on the these emerging trends and Grant was able to deliver with very little oversight and in an asynchronous nature."

Mike Ritchie

Mike RitchieFounder - Paper

"Before working with Grant, my team was struggling to find a source for consistent, insightful content that would hit home with our target audience. Now, we're able to deliver valuable content on a regular basis and increase the frequency in which we interact with our community. Grant is reliable, driven, talented, precise, and so helpful! Grant can definitely help you take your content to the next level!"

Izzy Howell

Izzy HowellMarketing Manager - Paystand

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